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Pat Calhoun

Patrick Calhoun



Our Exciting Workshops Are Your Ticket to Discovering Your Purpose & Significance!


Patrick Calhoun, PhD 

Coach Coordinator | Speaker | Author | Consultant | Advisor | Leadership Training

Your One Degree Coach Coordinator

Your One Degree has to do with direction and focus. It is your unique Particular Purpose. It is why God put you on this planet and for what He's been developing/preparing you all these years."​

Call Now:  918-694-6533

Apologetics Presenter

Teach your church and ministry about the evidence available to demonstrate, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the God of the Bible is real, that Jesus did rise from the grave, and that you can trust in Him. There are many that wish to lead our youth away from your teaching. Prepare them to learn that their faith has intellectual backing!

Have you experienced the frustration of dealing with people? Whether it's students or employees, Dr. Pat is able to help you develop proven strategies to manage the classroom, the office, and life.

With experience in law enforcement, education, business ownership, and management, Dr. Pat brings a unique perspective to assist organizational leaders and teachers address their challenges. 

Pat Calhoun’s life and career have always been directed at one central goal – to help people – and his entire adult life has been evidence of that passion.